Single squares

Mix and match a set of squares to suit your taste! The layout numbers are as follows:

Although all 18 squares can be purchased as their own installation, a few suggested layouts are included here of smaller groupings to help you visualize a set. (Please note that the first listed photo of 18 squares is the entire inventory, and suggested groupings are NOT additional sculptures, just rearrangements of the original 15). Click on images to enlarge.

Squares are $2800 each and measure 6 inches by 6 inches. Height varies.

CONFIGURATION OF 6 (purples and pinks)

CONFIGURATION OF 8 (yellows and greens)

CONFIGURATION of 9 (Multicolor)

CONFIGURATION of 10 (purple, pink, and red)

CONFIGURATION of 12 – (multicolor)


Love a bold square? I do too. However, remember that a peak isn’t a peak without a valley. A bold square is best set off by a calm square, as they enhance each other. So feel free to pick the bold ones, but remember to compliment them with a calmer square or two!

This sale is a first-come, first-pick basis, and unfortunately squares cannot be reproduced at this time. Free shipping is included within the continental US and payment can be made via Paypal or wire transfer. Please email for paypal or wire transfer information. Happy picking!