Stiniva I


For 10 years now, I have been creating works in the Wind & Water Series. It wasn’t until I visited Croatia that I had the urge to directly depict the water itself. Up until now, my goal has been to capture the flow of water vicariously.

During a sailing trip, I came upon one of the most beautiful and remote coves on our planet, Stiniva on the island of Vis in Croatia. I dove off our sailboat, swam through the narrow opening to the cove, and stood upon a beach renowned for its high cliffs and crystal clear waters. The color of the water was unlike anything I’ve seen before, part blue, part green, part white. This piece is one of five I am creating in an attempt to capture the beauty of the experience.





Glass, 2011
19″ H x 30 “W x 8 ” D

Photo: Jim Gill


Stiniva, Vis. Croatia
photo: Shayna Leib