Wind & Water

Two of the most powerful elements on our planet are nearly indiscernible to the human eye. They possess no intrinsic color or form, yet we are innately aware of their presence vicariously through the objects they affect.  The trace of water’s touch over moss and sea life, the wind’s passage over marshlands- these two forces have the capacity to soothe or destroy. Their character is contradictory and fickle, encompassing fragility and violence, placidity and turbulence.

They leave their mark upon our world. We have discovered some of their patterns and named them, giving them character and life: Kuroshio, Leeuwin, Sirocco, Charybdis, Boreas, Agulhas, the Nor’easters. The Wind & Water series explores their influence through sculptural landscape.

Studies of Flow

Reefs & Archipelagos

Cold Winds



Aquatic Currents


Warm Winds